Monday, February 20, 2012

Tours 4 Sport Loyalty Reward Scheme

The quality of a Tours 4 Sport tour speaks for itself as anyone who has toured with us will testify, but now we also want to reward schools and clubs who tour with us each and every year or take multiple teams or age groups on tour with us. For full details click here: Tours 4 Sport Loyalty Scheme

How can your school or club earn Tours 4 Sport loyalty points?

Book a sports tour with Tours 4 Sport
You will earn points for every trip you travel with us. To work out how many points you can earn simply multiply the number of passengers by the length of the trip, e.g.:
15 Passengers x 3 night trip = 45 points
30 Passengers x 5 night trip = 150 points
45 Passengers × 7 night Trip = 315 Points

Recommend a friend
We know when our customers are recommending us, it is because they trust us to deliver a good service for their friends. Recognising that trust, you will earn the same number of points that your friend from another school or club earns on their first trip.

How can you spend your Tours 4 Sport loyalty points?

Once you have travelled on your second trip, you are able to use your points against the options below:

1.       Tour discounts  against any Tours 4 Sport tour or Halsbury Travel school trip.
2.       Items for your school or club.

1.    Tour Discounts

Tour discounts for schools

As the sports tours division of Halsbury Travel, school groups earning loyalty points with Tours 4 Sport can use them against any Halsbury Travel tours, which allow your school to benefit across a whole range of trip types including:

Ski trips
Sports tours
Geography field trips
Battlefield tours
History tours
RE tours
Design and Technology Tours
Leisure and Tourism tours
Mathematics tours
Language tours
Food technology tours
Classical studies tours
Politics tours
Science tours
Christmas market tours

Tour discount for sports clubs

If you’re part of a sports club then you can also use your Tours 4 Sport loyalty points to save money on your next tour. So if your club has more than one age group or team that goes on tour then you can use your loyalty points to save money on your next tour. So get all your team managers or tour organisers together to discuss their tours and benefit from great discounts by getting all your clubs to tour with Tours 4 Sport. Tours 4 Sport organise the following types of tours:

·         Sports tours with friendly fixtures
·         Sports Tournaments
·         Sports Training Camps
·         Sports Development Tours with coaching at the world’s top clubs.

2. Items for your school or club.

If you’re in need of IT equipment, sports equipment or kit then you can use your loyalty points to claim some great items including sports kit and equipment, ipad's, Blu-Ray players, cameras and more. 

For more details click here: Tours 4 Sport Loyalty Scheme

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